Poultry Division

Committee members representing the Poultry Division

Gord Howse (613-379-2520)


Entry Form Code: OTH


Completed Entry forms must be submitted by email or mailed to Centreville Fair 26 Lake Road, Centreville, Ontario K0K 1N0

 by no later than noon on Friday, September 2nd, 2022.

Judge: TBA

Prizes: 1st $.4.00                   2nd $3.00                               3rd $2.00 (Except where indicated)

Trophies donated by:

A- Cock                   B- Hen                    C- Cockeral                            D- Pullet

Class 9 – Standard Chickens                                                              Class 9A -Bantam Chickens

Section:                                                                                                  Section:

  1. American Class – rocks, Wyandottes, R.I.R., New hampshires 1. Black/Red Old English Game
  2. Asiatic Class – Brahma’s, Cochins, Langshans, etc 2. Old English Game A, C, A, V.
  3. English Class- Australorps, Orpingtons, Cornish, etc 3. White Old English Game
  4. Mediterranean Class – Leghorns, Minorcas, Araucana, etc 4. Black Old English Game
  5. Continental Class – Hamburgs, Polish, etc 5. Single Comb Clean Legged – Other than Games
  6. All other Standard Breeds – Games, Frizzles, Samatras, etc 6. Rose Comb Clean Legged
  7. Farmers or Production Class – Light & Heavy 7. Single Comb Feather Legged
  8. All other Feather Legged

Class 10 – Pigeons

  1. Modena A.C.A.V. 6. Clean Leg A.C.A.V.
  2. Rollers A.C.A.V. 7. Feather Leg A.C.A.V.
  3. Homers A.C.A.V. 8. Fantails A.C.A.V.
  4. Racing Homers A.C.A.V. 9. Runts A.C.A.V.
  5. Tumblers A.C.A.V.

Class 11 – Ducks                                                                  Class 11A – Geese

Section:                                                                                                   Section:

1 Heavy & Medium A.V.                                                                      1. Geese A.V.

  1. Call duck A.C.A.V

Class 12 – Pheasants                                          Class 12A – Turkeys                  Class 13 Rabbits

Section:                                                                                Section:                                                             Section:

  1. Pheasant A.V. 1. Turkey A.V.A.C 1. Heavy A.V.A.C
  2. Light & Medium A.V.A.C.

Junior Category

Special Prize money for kids ages 3 to 17

$5.00 for Best Entry in all Classes

*Each Junior showing must put a ‘JR” in the top right corner of each entry tag to compete

(Please remember to indicate “JR” on your entry forms as well)

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