Centreville Fair Board

The Centreville Fair Board “Welcomes” you to our Annual Labour Day weekend fair. Continuing in the tradition of the past 167 years, we are pleased to present a fair that boasts the best things that a Country Fair has to offer – animal showing competitions, delicious homemade treats, local vendors, games for all ages and great local music. As well, fair attendees are invited to visit the Learning barn that celebrates Agricultural richness of our county. Building on the family tradition of the fair, the board is also committed to keeping our fair affordable with a modest gate price of $8.00 (free to 12 years and younger) and $6.00 per day for kids on Friday and Saturday for the Family Fun Zone.

We hope you enjoy our fair!!

Best Regards,

The Centreville Fair Board

2022 Executive

President:  Lori Hird – centrevillefairpresvp@gmail.com

Vice President: Jim Young – jimyoungjr47@gmail.com

Secretary: Kim Hawley – secretary.centrevillefair@gmail.com

Treasurer: Marion McArthur

2022 Directors

Entertainment/Communications: Jim Young – centrevillefairentertainment@gmail.com

Grounds: Robert Hawley

Poultry: Gord Howse – centrevillefairpoultry@gmail.com

Goats: Lori Hird – centrevillefairgoats@gmail.com

Equine: Bob Clancey – centrevillefairequine@gmail.com

Cattle: Dave McNichols – centrevillefaircattle@gmail.com

Homecraft: Patty Goodwin- centrevillefairhomecraft@gmail.com

School Display: Kate Myers

2022 Associate Directors

Grounds: Richard Hird, Miranda Hawley,

Other Animal: Richard Hird

Equine: Frank Stacey, Mimi Clancey, Charlotte Teeple

Cattle: Caitlyn McNichols

4H Representative: Keith Coleman

Homecraft: Chris Belanger, Pearl Howse

School Display: Beth Myers, Kate Myers

Family Fun Zone: Chris Belanger

Entertainment/Vendor Alley: Debbie Thompson

Email Contacts

President/Vice President:                         centrevillefairpresvp@gmail.com

Entertainment:                                          centrevillefairentertainment@gmail.com

Secretary:                                                   secretary.centrevillefair@gmail.com

Poultry Divison:                                          centrevillefairpoultry@gmail.com

Goat Division:                                             centrevillefairgoats@gmail.com

HomeCraft:                                                 centrevillefairhomecraft@gmail.com

Equine Division                                          centrevillefairequine@gmail.com

Cattle Division:                                           centrevillefaircattle@gmail.com

1899 J.Lappan 1949-1950 Geo.A.McGill 1984-85 J. MacDonald
1907 C.D.Wagar 1951-1952 Ronald Brown 1986-1987 Norris Drew
1911 F.Henderson 1953-1954 Okel Drew 1988-1989 Ray Brown
1912-1913 C.H.Lochhead 1955-1956 Harold Thompson 1990-1991 Hugh Kerr
1914-1915 G.C.Gerow 1957-1958 Victor Drew 1992-1993 Roger Thompson
1916-1917 Levi Evans 1959-1960 Ethelbert Ramsay 1994-1995 Lyall Cook
1918-1924 A.W.Milligan 1961-1962 Jas. Ingoldsby 1996-1997 Les Kerr
1925-1926 R.J.Hanna 1963-1964 Harold Brown 1998-1999 Gwen Babcock
1927-1930 Fred Brown 1965 Morvel Hart 2000-2001 Richard MacRae
1931-1932 Wilmont Breault 1966-1967 Hubert Thompson 2002-2003 Alan Brown
1933-1934 W.A.Balance 1968-1969 Doug Brown 2004-2005 Susan Cook
1935-1936 J.Ross Hanna 1970-1971 Alvin Drew 2006-2007 Debbie Thompson
1937-1938 Stan McKeown 1972-1973 Aevon Whalen 2008-2010 Robert Hawley
1939-1940 W.S.Hawley 1974-1975 James Hughes 2011 -2013 Rhonda Clancey
1941-1942 Horace Clancey
1976-1977 Ken Smith
 2014 – 2016  John York
1943-1944 Clarence Hanna 1978-1979 Keith Weese  2017-Present Lori Hird
1945-1946 Ken Lockridge 1980-1981 Clarence Brown
1947-1948 Fred Bell 1982-1983 Robert Clancey

Just take things one step at a time and make some new footprints-hopefully you will soon see that the footprints of others who have done good work cross paths with yours! ~ Margaret Fishback Powers, The Footprints Book Of Daily Inspirations.

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