Exhibitors Information

Exhibitors Please Note!

Rules & Regulations for all Exhibitors (Unless otherwise indicated):

  1. Paid membership of $15.00 includes 2 gate admission tickets.
  2. Animals that are owned by an Exhibitor can stipulate that they have assigned an AGENT to show that Animal. Therefore, all the Premium Money is Awarded to the AGENT. EXAMPLE: 4H Animals that have been lent to 4H Member by the Owner 
  3. Exhibitors must be a paid member of the Society. Excluding the school display exhibitors.
  4. Payment: when the total winnings for EACH category exceeds $15.00, the 15% deduction AND next year’s membership fee will be deducted, no exceptions.
  5. The Society will not be responsible for any accident caused by any animal, any vehicles, or any other contraption, to any person(s), or any other vehicle, animals or articles. Those taking part, in any way, in the exhibitions or otherwise, should take precaution to protect the public.
  6. Exhibition of animals/livestock requires proof of a minimum of 1-million-dollar insurance liability on the day of the fair.
  7. The Fair Board will do all they can to protect articles placed on exhibit, but in no case can be responsible for loss or damage.
  8.  If a person wishes to make a complaint that an Exhibitor has violated any rule of the Society, the person must do so verbally to the secretary before leaving the fair ground on the day of the fair and provide the complaint in writing within 3 days to the Secretary. The Exhibitor so charged will be required to make an affidavit before the Directors, who will decide the case.
  9. Any verbal or physical abuse of any Director of the Fair will result in forfeit of all prized money and potential disbarment from the Fair.
  10. Exhibitor’s names or marks, except number, must not be displayed on an exhibit.
  11. No person will be allowed on the track while the horses are exhibiting.
  12. All livestock must be tied or otherwise secured at all times. Exhibitors must take care of their livestock.
  13. Children under the age of 18 cannot show an unaltered male including cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs.
  14. Any class where there are three or less exhibits, a Director may combine classes.
  15. 4-H exhibitors must be showing their current project.
  16. Horse Division Exhibitors are to be in suitable attire as described in the AQHA rule book.
  17. Horse Division Exhibitors, in cases of dispute, the AQHA rule book will be consulted.
  18. Horse Division Exhibitors, youth classes are designated for riders under the age of 18 as of January 1st of the current year.
  19. Horse Division Exhibitors open classes are for riders of all ages.
  20. Horse Division Exhibitors under the age of 16 must wear a helmet.
  21. All Divisions, late entries are subject to a penalty.
  22. An animal showing signs of ringworm, or any other type of infection will be asked to leave the fairground. No exceptions!
  23. All cattle must have a RFID tag to enter the premises.
  24. All winnings in cheque form must be cashed by December 15th of the current year, or they will be void and received back to the Centreville Fair Board as a donation. No exceptions.
  25. Discrepancy with the judge in any division may result in forfeit of prize money, at the judge’s discretion.
  26. Incomplete entry forms will result in forfeiting prize monies.

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